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Meet Sanela Catovic

Meet Sanela Catovic

BostonVoyager, May 8, 2017

Introducing Sanela Catovic

Sanela started cutting hair when she was just 14 in her native country of Bosnia. She then escaped her worn torn country of Bosnia and arrived several years later in the United States with her husband, two small children and only five suitcases for which to start their new life in this country. She was unable to even speak the native language, but was determined to make her story a success.

Thirty years later, a refugee from Bosnia promises hope. April 14, 2022

As such, her history as well as being a hair stylist continues to be her driving passion and is what continually motivates her to improve and excel. One of her many philosophies is quality over quantity. I am not comparing her to other salons (I personally believe there is no comparison but I am bias.) philosophies, I can only tell you hers and based on her strong moral fiber, I believe this does set her apart both in hair styling and design as well as how she operates her business in general.

To that end, Sanela also believes strongly in continuing education; an attribute that does not go unnoticed by her clients who, by the way, have followed Sanela from the few salons she worked at previously until she was able to open her own salon. Sanela’s continuing education brings her this year to a worldwide competition she hopes to lead her to even greater recognition than what she already enjoys.

Sanela insists Sanela Salon uses only the highest quality hair products and will not compromise. As such, Sanela takes full advantage of all the education & programs these lines have to offer and insists her staff do the same. Again, so all stylists at Sanela Salon are educated on the benefits as well as any options that will bring their client’s healthy hair & lasting beauty between appointments. Sanela Salon is conveniently located at 1706 Beacon Street with ample parking and very easy access to the green line. Even though these particulars are not a shout out to Sanela herself per se, it is again part of how her business continues to be a success after starting over five years ago.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story. Has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Owning and operating your own business certainly comes with its challenges so has it been a “smooth road”? Not always but never was there a moment that I would have doubted that this is where I belong and where I wanted to be.

Let’s talk business. Tell us about Sanela Salon. What should we know?

Sanela Salon is a high end hair salon conveniently located in Washington Square at 1706 Beacon Street in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Sanela specializes as a Master Colorist but also has the ability to individualize an appointment and a technique specific to her client’s hair. This sets her apart from other stylists, especially through her skills with cut, color and the art of balayage. By blending a beautiful pallet of multicultural styles and techniques, Sanela is able to help her client’s articulate the exact style they have always been looking to achieve. Once they experience a cut & color from Sanela, they are convinced Sanela Salon is the only salon for them as evidenced in her client loyalty since Sanela’s arrival in the US.

From the very early age of 14, Sanela had a vision; to create beautiful hair and as such help her clients feel confident & beautiful both inside and out. To arrive here in the US with her husband and two toddlers in tow and unable to speak a word of English, Sanela knew she would need to set her vision into high drive! And so she did achieving her own salon and as such the ability to pass her skills along to her fellow stylists. Sanela is probably most proud of not only being a woman owned business in Boston, but how she operates her business. Her customer service is unparalleled, her abilities continually honed and cutting edge, and her ability to rectify a situation, should there ever be one, conscientious and caring.

Sanela’s believes her commitment, and particularly what sets her apart, is her ability to provide her clients with the highest degree of customer service in a professional and unique setting. She is committed to performing her crafts exceptionally well and continually strives to improve herself through the highest quality available in continuing education. She constantly searches the industry for the newest technology and the finest in hair care products in order to provide her clients with the utmost in salon experience.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?

The ability to be able to listen to your client’s needs or desires and then work together to achieve this goal. Also, confidence through education and communication is the key to success.
– Sanela Catovic –

Sanela's 2017 Color Zoom Contest

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