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Introducing the Serene Scalp Oil Control Collection

Oribe Hair Care is excited to announce an extension of its Serene Scalp family with the Oil Control Collection, developed to extend time between washes by reducing excess oil and sebum on those with oily scalps. The collection includes Oil Control Shampoo, Oil Control Treatment Mist and Dry Shampoo Powder, designed to leave hair looking and feeling clean and lightweight for longer than ever. In fact, 90% of users in a consumer-panel test saw a noticeable reduction in oiliness on the hair and scalp, and 91% panelists felt their scalp was less oily for 72 hours after use. After just one use, 90% of panelists felt their hair was cleaner at the roots*.

In addition to absorbing and reducing oil both on the scalp and in the hair, the products are designed to rebalance the scalp’s delicate microbiome, the ecosystem of bacteria (both good and bad) that lives on the surface of your skin.

The Serene Scalp Oil Control Collection will be available at Sanela Salon beginning April 1, 2023.

Oribe Serene Scalp Oil Control Collection.

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