Winter Hair

Mid-Winter Dry Hair

It’s just about now, mid-winter, we start noticing how bone dry our hair and skin are. The cold outside air and the manufactured heat indoors strips our hair of all its moisture, leaving it dry and causing breakage. We often hear the cry, “what’s happening to my hair?” You do not have to live with dry hair. We hope these solutions will bring back the luster in your hair! Ask your stylist! Your stylist knows you and your hair. Who better to check with during this challenging weather?

Wash Less

Less shampoo means more moisture. Although not washing as often makes some hair feel oily, most of us have discovered dry shampoo and how it allows us to skip a shampoo or two. But in the winter, it can live up to its name a little too literally and dry hair out. In this case, Sanela suggests combing the dry shampoo in from the root of your hair to about an inch down. This will help pick up any product build-up that may be causing dryness. Then lather the ends in oil: The drier and thicker the hair, the more oil it will take.

Deep Condition

Getting a treatment regularly or doing one yourself will not only strengthen your hair, it will help retain its moisture.

Get A Clear Gloss

If your hair is looking as drab as the weather, a clear gloss will add instant shine. Book one with your next blow out or hair cut. It will seal moisture in the cuticle of your hair and extend the life of your current color.

We are committed to helping you look your very best.

Yours in beauty,
Sanela and the team